My anti-blogroll

You may have noticed the new “Orange Line” blogroll. In fact, it is an anti-blogroll. It shows a number of institutions and blogs that can be found near the Orange Line metro subway west of the Capitol Building. Check out the “links”. The point is to _not_ link to the Orange Line bloggers — they link to each other plenty already — but rather to show that what at first sight may appear to be a geographically diverse blogosphere is no such thing. Authorship of all the leading “libertarian” blogs listed in my anti-blogroll are located within an area less than a millionth of our planet’s real estate.

These Orange Line bloggers link very disproportionately to other Orange Line bloggers. This kind of behavior is strong evidence that my readers can observe of the very narrow Orange Line monculture that I have also witnessed firsthand. That they debate various issues, such as the war, is as irrelevant as the fact that the medieval Catholic Church had lively debate on various issues (e.g. on earth- vs. sun-centrism long before Copernicus and Galileo). It’s well understood in the Orange Line monoculture that some positions are to be considered as “devil’s advocate” positions. And on some issues like the war on which the rest of D.C. itself disagrees, there is genuine division. But when push came to shove, as on New Hampshire primary day, the Orange Line are very dogmatic and very reflexive. They act according to the same habits and instincts — ultra-statist, ultra-PC, and anti-liberty — as those shared commonly among those who live, mostly off your paycheck and mine, in the Washington, DC metro area.


12 Responses to “My anti-blogroll”

  1. teageegeepea Says:

    It appears that Cato’s President Ed Crane still says he’d vote for Ron Paul.

  2. RRE Says:

    I’ve lived on the red line and now I live on the green/yellow line. I guess I would fit in better with the mostly normal people.

  3. Mr. Roach Says:

    The Orange Line bloggers remind me of something I’ve noticed in D.C.: they’re all obsessed with popularity and gossip. It’s as if real government is like student government, filled with self-important people talking about each other constantly, and they’re all a bit exasperated that the rest of us “just don’t care.” Well I care, I care that a third of my paycheck goes to DC and these assholes want to take my guns and force local teachers to promote abortion or whatever, but other than that I’ve got little use for the government. It doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do–kill terrorists and round up border jumpers like in the days of Operation Wetback–and is too involved with things best left to personal choice and the private sector.

  4. Kemp Says:

    How about we have DC secede and they can all sit around and govern themselves in all their pomp and arrogance and the rest of the country can be left alone?

  5. Will Wilkinson / The Fly Bottle » Blog Archive » Double Evil! Says:

    […] Orange Line? Well, no, but they all work for the regime, or are the regime, as Former Beltway Wonk points out. Here’s his list: American Prospect; Andrew Sullivan; BATF, CATO, Homeland Security, Federal […]

  6. Ben Kalafut Says:

    Unlike the proceedings of an Auburn University “economics” conference, those ultra-statist, anti-liberty Orange Line bloggers like Will Wilkinson and Tyler Cowen actually have influence and outside readers.

    We’re all in for it; bury a gun and a copy of Hans Herman Hoppe’s book in the backyard!

  7. Integer Says:

    It’s really a tragedy that someone with Tyler Cowen’s talents has gone soft. I don’t say statist…I say soft. When he was young everybody expected him to be the next Rothbard…with the implication that he would be more radical than Rothbard. But instead he has turned into the exponent of a kind of Epicurean no-nothing philosophy fleshed out with insights from Austrian economics. He knows perfectly well that the state is evil, but he has concluded that there can be no fighting against the inevitable…or as his unacnowleged master Epicurus put it “there is no appeal of mortals against the gods.” There have been many other defectors from the cause of libertarianism…but Cowen’s is particularly regretable.

  8. Ben Kalafut Says:

    Quite fortunate that Cowen didn’t become the next Rothbard, as Rothbard was a well-read and highly intelligent crank with an ideological aversion to rigor.

    There would have been no Anarchy, State, and Utopia without For A New Liberty, but there’s something wrong when an “economist”‘s main contribution is in philosophy, and then only as a gadfly approaching the subject without the modesty and thoroughness expected in the analytic tradition. Look to Nozick as an example of what Rothbard could have been had he not let ideology get in the way.

    Or perhaps, had Rothbard been a Public Choice mainstreamer, he could have been Tyler Cowen, who, by the way, has done more in the last year to promote libertarian ideas than the Rothbardites have done in the last decade. I wouldn’t label realists “defectors.” We have dirty words in science–and modern economics is science–for people who know X to be true, yet act otherwise because they’d prefer X’s negation.

  9. Ann Says:

    Will Wilkinson lives on the Green Line, as do Megan McArdle and Matt Yglesias. Reason Magazine is on the Red Line.

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  12. Says:

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