“Formerbeltwaywonk has done a priceless job of spelling out the mindset and incentives of the Beltway world. I mean, really: Bravo. Those comments of his are like wonderful passages from the shrewdest Beltway novel ever. It’s a great thing to run across writing and brains like that. And for free!” — Michael Blowhard of “2 Blowhards”

Former Beltway Wonk is a lawyer who once lived in Washington D.C. F.B.W. was briefly impressed by all the swanky parties thrown by the lobbyists and think tanks as well as the physical monuments to political power. The vast concrete edifices to Lincoln and Roosevelt left him in awe. But, remembering the real jobs serving real customers he once had performed, he soon discovered that D.C. is a cesspool full of paycheck vampires who have little but contempt for the sources of their own paychecks, namely Americans with real jobs. It is the blood from your paycheck — your child’s tuition fund and your retirement fund, for example — that fund not only these parties and monuments, but the wars that maim your neighbors and massacre foreigners, fat contracts obtained by beltway lobbyists, special exceptions from this regulation or this tax or that (the full burden still falls on you), benefits to illegal aliens unheard of in own countries, and a wide variety of other corrupt and vile activities. F.B.W. now uses this blog to expose government corruption and reveal how the Beltway denizens and their friends in the traditional mass media attack and smear those who would threaten their way of life and make them get real jobs.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Kevin Michael Grace Says:

    Dear FBW:

    Love your site. I got to know the Cato/IHS/GMU etc crowd through an old girlfriend, and your phrase “paycheck vampires” is inspired. These people claim to hate “big government” but they are to America as mold is to a rotting house. How can they go back to Des Moines after they’ve seen DC–and DC (Dupont Circle)? Keep up the good work.

    Kevin Grace

  2. Michael Blowhard Says:

    Hey, great to see you blogging. If you’re in a mood to swap news and jokes, send me an email at michaelblowhard at gmail and say hi. Looking forward to keeping up with your writing.

  3. James Says:

    Friends of mine over at Hale Groves are interested in you linking over to them for the word “orange” on your website here for a small insertion fee of $50. Let me know if you’re interested.


    James Mason
    The Fruit Scientist

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